A-moral - 10 years
Posted on 28.09.2017

2017 – 10 years from founding of the band A-moral. For these 10 years, the band release 3 albums: “Kicks for all jesters” – 2007 ; “Life on credit” – 2010 ; “Again and again” – 2015. This year A-moral will release a brand new mini album, including 6 songs: “Malice and black poison” / “Maniac” / “Wasteland” / “Reality” / “Last spark” / “Here again”. The album is named “Maniac”. The band will introduce the album with a few shows:
20.October.2017 – Varna – “Vintage 33”
21.October.2017 – Constanta – “Club 13”
27.October.2017 – Plovdiv – “Post-culture stage”
28.October.2017 – Sofia – “Mixtape 5”
03.November.2017 – Bucurest – “Underwolrd”
04.November.2017 – Ruse – “Karaoke star”


Listen the new album of A-moral
Posted on 21.03.2016

Listen the new album of A-moral - "Again and again" on Bandcamp:


New album
Posted on 25.11.2015

 A-moral are ready with the new album “Again and again” 2015. The album contain 10 songs. The album can be listened and ordered from the band webpages:

A-moral on Hardcore X-mass 2014
Posted on 25.11.2014

A-moral will play at the 2014 Hardcore X-mass Festival – Sofia – 20.12.2014. New band merch will be presented at the show. Eeveryone who want to buy and purchase, can make it from the band website: www.amoralband.com ; www.facebook.com/amoralbulgaria

A-moral with new album
Posted on 25.11.2014

After 4 years pause A-moral are ready with the songs for their third album. Ten songs will take part in the album: Undeserved wealth, Article 18, Power, Till when, Someone else, Memories, Conscience, World War 3, Surprised and unnecessary. The Album is expect to be released February or March 2015.

East Noise Attack 9
Posted on 16.05.2013

East noise attack 2013 again will be 2 days in Varna – “Three lions pub”. 10 bands will take part this year. The price is 8 leva for 1 day and 12 leva for both days. Here the bands:
14.06.2013: Brain Terror / Lieveil / Rock'n'Ghena (Romania) / Last Hope / Vendetta
15.06.2013: Djasta Prasta/ Drive Your Life / A-Moral / Maniacal Pictures / One Faith
A-moral will take part in another festival on 23.05.2013 called PUNK CITY. The festival will be in Sofia – club “Grindhouse”

A-Moral and Rock n Ghena in Constanta
Posted on 20.03.2013

 On 13th of April, A-moral will play together with Romanian bands Rock n Ghena and First Division at “La Scena” – Constanta, Romania. The beginning of the show is 21;30 h.

A-Moral on Vans Wasted Fest
Posted on 15.09.2012

Ten bands will take part under name – VANS WASTED FEST 2012. The date is 13 October in the Sofian skate club “Grindhouse”.The bands: A-Moral, C4, Piranha, Bright Sight, Paperwings, Perfect Skies, Purple Cocks, Rocky Raccoon and Face-Off. Entry – 8 lv. ; Start – 17:00 h.

A-Moral on East Noise Attack 8
Posted on 27.06.2012

A-moral will play on the second day of EAST NOISE Festival 8 – Varna – 28 July 2012. For more info check: www.facebook.com/eastnoiseattack

A-Moral and Rock n Ghena in Constanta
Posted on 14.05.2012

On 20th of May, A-moral will play together with Romanian band Rock n Ghena at “Goblin” – Constanta, Romania. The beginning of the show is 21;30 h.

A-Moral, Last Hope and Lieveil in “Three Lions Pub”
Posted on 28.02.2012

On 9th of March, A-moral will play together with Last Hope and Leiveil at “Three Lions Pub” – Varna. The beginning of the show is 21;30 h. Tickets – 5 lv.

Iron Maiden tribute
Posted on 22.10.2011

 Two of the A-MORAL members will take part in the IRON MAIDEN TRIBUTE SHOW.
The concert will happened at “Three Lions Pub” – Varna.Entry – 4 lv. Start: 21:00h

East Noise Attack 7
Posted on 26.07.2011

 Varna will be host of a 7th issue of the festival EAST NOISE ATTACK. The place is Three Lions Pub ( Slaveikov place 1). Each of the days will start at 17,00 h.

20.08.2011 (saturday) - Makarov, Jasta Prasta, The Shits, Perfect Skies, Contradiction, C4, Last Hope, Cold Breath.

21.08.2011 (sunday) - Gurch, Teen Starts Only, Bright Sight, Boys With Boots, A-Moral, One Faith, Abort.

New photos from the split CD promotion
Posted on 18.02.2011

 You can find a new photos in the section Gallery from the Split CD promotion – C4 / A-moral in Sofia.The show was at club „The Box’ with guests – Bright Sight.


C4 and A-moral with split CD
Posted on 18.02.2011

 C4 and A-moral released a new cd ep.The cd contain 4 songs from each band. C4 will take part with 4 new songs recorded this month in studio Sub Zero:
 1. Awakening
 2. Guilty
 3. Stand Alone
 4. Starting End
A-moral will join the split cd with 2 new songs and two songs from their second album “Life on Credit”.All songs are recorded in Studio 33 – Varna:
 1. Desperate Dreams
 2. Envy
 3. End
 4. Politics and Criminals
The split will be available online after 1 February 2011 in the online store of www.hcspirit.com

A-moral with new album
Posted on 15.12.2010

 A-moral are ready with their new album “Life on credit”.The album will contain 12 completely new songs.Promotion of the album will happened on 23 December at Varna – club”Nostradamus”.On 26 of Dcember, A-moral will present the album in Sofia at the festival HARDCORE X-MASS 2010.


A-Moral on East Noise Attack 6
Posted on 18.07.2010

  A – Moral will take part at the 6th issue of Varna Punk/Hard Core Festival – EAST NOISE ATTACK. The program for EAST NOISE ATTACK 6:
The Tickets Presale starts from 12 of July in Corporide ( Sofia ) ; Backyard Shop , Na Tamno , Club Usmivka , 3XS Shop ( Varna ) Online tickets can be ordered at: www.corporide.com ; www.hcspirit.com
The festival will be only one day – 31 July 2010. The place will be the same – North industrial Zone. The After Party will be at Club “Usmivka”, which is 10 minutes from the festival place.

On 13 of August, A-Moral will play on Spirit of Burgas Festival. They will play on jack Daniel`s Stage, organized by Tangra Radio. They will play together with LAST HOPE , VENDETTA , DSOL etc..

The Exploited will be supported by A-Moral
Posted on 22.03.2010

  THE EXPLOITED - The legendary Scottish punk outfit of Wattie will be launching their European tour with that show in Bulgaria. They will bring a lot ot official merch items + all their big anthems - ‘Punk’s Not Dead’, ‘Sex And Violence’, ‘Beat The Bastards’, ‘Fuck The System’! THE EXPLOITED, LAST HOPE and BICHETO on 8 April at the ‘Blue Box’ club in Sofia. The show will be supported by A-MORAL! - Radio Tangra

Born From Pain again in Bulgaria
Posted on 06.11.2009

  Born From Pain again in Bulgaria.They will come together with The Setup from Belgium. From the Bulgarian side - B.F.D.M and A-Moral. 5 December - club "The Box".

New A-moral album
Posted on 02.10.2009

  A-moral are almost ready with the material for the upcoming album “Life on credit”, who will be released latest point – January 2010.The album will contain 11 songs. Soon the band will start the records for the album. By the way A-moral planned two live dates on 4th and 5th of December – Plovdiv and Sofia. Check for more info soon.

A-moral working on new album
Posted on 27.05.2008

The band from Varna A-moral working on new album,after the success of “Kicks for all jesters”.The work title is “Life on credit”,and the release date probably will be in the beginning of 2009.October 2008 ,the band will start a Bulgarian tour with Wickeda and Crowfish. You can still Vote for A-moral song “Walnuttree rod” at Tangra Radio mega rock chart. - www.hcspirit.com